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The sodas were reviewed by thesodajerks (a well respected Texan soda review site) with two enjoying the very exclusive rating of"Buy Stock in The Company" and one receiving the next best rating of "Buy a Pallet"

The following quotes still amuse me:

"I actually swore when I smelled this soda for the first time. It smells like Apple Crumble. It doesn't smell like chemicals made to smell like Apple Crumble; it straight up smells like Apple Crumble/Pie."

"Overall Sodafruit Apple Crumble is one of the best sodas I've ever had the pleasure of drinking."

"That's damn good. The natural strawberry taste shines through like gangbusters and it's been sweetened to just the right amount. A light fizz is ever present keeping the drink fun with every sip. I find myself licking my lips to get every last bit of flavor I possibly missed during the initial swig".

"I have no problem saying that at this point in time it's the best strawberry soda I've ever had."

"The taste is rich, much like biting into a juicy dew/blackberry as the sweetness overcomes how sharp the soda's flavor is about halfway through each gulp."

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