We are an upstart company that loves to make deliciously fruitee sodas for you.

Our sodas are handmade in Wellington New Zealand with real fruit and fruit juice.

The most frequently asked question and the hardest to answer is how did we come to make our sodas?

Well there's nothing quite as delicious as a succulent and aromatic strawberry. And those cold fizzy sodas are so refreshing on a hot day, so we thought why not combine the two and get the best of both worlds.

Off we went to the market to buy some strawberries to make a strawberry cordial.

Next we added the fizzy water and...


They are labour intensive and handmade, but we still get a great buzz out of making them, especially when we see the expression of amazement and joy when someone drinks one for the first time.



Phone number: 0274 411318

Email: sodafruit@gmail.com